Frequently Asked Questions about Eavestroughing | Fredericton & Ottawa

Q: Why Do I Need Eavestrough?

A: Eavestrough serves a crucial role beyond just keeping rain off your head. It shields your home from water damage, safeguarding fascia, siding, and foundation. Especially in the freeze/thaw cycles of Canadian winters, water infiltration can lead to foundation cracks and basement leaks!

Fascia properly covered with aluminum and eavestrough will prevent costly rot of your fascia board. Eavestrough diverts water away from your siding as well, helping to prevent rot to your structure beneath the exterior finish.

Ensure your home is protected from water damage! Connect with Simply Seamless today for professional eavestrough installation and maintenance services in Fredericton and Ottawa.

Q: What Types of Eavestrough Exist? 

A: There are three primary types of eavestroughing

  1. Vinyl eavestrough: Available at hardware stores and typically installed by homeowners. This product, however, isn’t seamless and often leaks at seams and between fascia and gutter. It also lacks the capacity to handle the same water volume as a seamless eavestrough.
  2. Custom eavestrough: Fabricated at a sheet metal factory, this type also lacks seamlessness and commonly leaks at its seams.
  3. Seamless aluminum eavestrough: Considered the industry standard, and installed by industry professionals such as Simply Seamless who offer this service in the Fredericton and Ottawa markets. This eavestrough is seamless, with the exception of corners, which ultimately eliminates leakage if properly installed and maintained.

Upgrade to seamless aluminum eavestrough for superior protection. Book your installation with Simply Seamless in Fredericton or Ottawa today for top-tier protection!

Q: Why is my seamless eavestrough leaking? 

A: Addressing this issue involves considering several potential causes, including:

  • Debris blockage in downspouts.
  • Deteriorated silicone-based caulking at mitred corners or between the back of the eavestrough and fascia.
  • Inadequate extension of roof shingles past the fascia or deteriorated roof shingles.
  • Lack of drip edge, a product placed under roof shingles and partially covering fascia, which, when missing, can lead to leaks between the fascia and eavestrough.
  • Incorrect slope of the installed eavestrough causing overflow.
  • Incorrectly sized eavestrough for the roof’s size.
  • Absence of backstops on eavestrough to prevent water from shooting past at valley sections of the roof.

Don’t let eavestrough leaks damage your home. Trust Simply Seamless in Fredericton or Ottawa for expert repair and maintenance services.

Q: How long should my seamless eavestrough last? 

A: A properly maintained seamless eavestrough can last 30 years or more. Crafted from aluminum, the material’s corrosion resistance enhances its longevity.

Invest in long-lasting protection for your home. Reach out to Simply Seamless in Fredericton or Ottawa now to install your seamless eavestrough system!

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