Fascia & Soffit



We install and supply Aluminum fascia and capping. This is the best application to prevent the wood of your home from prematurely rotting, and prevents on going maintenance associated with painting. 

Available in a wide variety of colors we can match the design of your home.

Rotten Wood

Rotten WoodOn older homes that weren’t capped with fascia its is common to see molded or rotten wood on their roof lines.

We are experts at replacing and capping this. We strongly recommend before applying eavestrough to your home to consider the replacement of rotten wood, & installation of aluminum fascia



Available in Aluminum or Vinyl soffit is the perfect product for its application. 

It provides a barrier from nature and your attic while still allowing the transfer of fresh air to vent though.

Like Fascia its available in a variety of colors. 

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