Simple means it doesn’t have to be hard.

Simply has been a consistent and trustworthy Construction Company since 2001. All of our employees are committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to work efficiently and expediently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise.

Simply Seamless offers the best warranty in the business. Our 1 year product and workmanship includes service and labor due to the manufacturers defects or installation error.

Established in 2001 we have been around long enough to honor that warranty too. For fully details please click on the link below:


All of our installations of Seamless 5″-6″ Eaves-trough are backed by a 1 year product and workmanship warranty. We pride ourselves in top-notch service, and we stand behind every piece of work we do. Further warranties are provided according to the product we install.

Limited Warranty

Simply Seamless Ltd. hereby warrants against eavestrough containing manufacturing defects.  The period of the 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship beginning on the date application of eavestrough to your property was completed.

Simply Seamless will not warrant eaves-trough or any of our products if it has been serviced, altered or maintained by the any non simply staff, the home owner, or another company. 


Simply Seamless is happy to service and repair work done by home owners and competing companies, but does not extend their warranty to cover installation errors repaired during service work.

Simply Seamless Ltd does not extend their 10 year warranty to any service work performed.


Simply Seamless offers a 1 year product and workmanship warranty against leaks on factory mitres installed by Simply Seamless Ltd. This warranty does not extend to service work performed on mitered joints installed by other companies.


It is understood that our warranty is void for miters, joints, and custom installations unless you follow our maintenance agreement to have them serviced and inspected by Simply Seamless Ltd. every 2 years.

In Addition it is required to have your gutters cleaned semi-annually and clear of debris using the extraction method. Cleaning with pressurized water, or a 3rd party cleaning service with out written consent from Simply Seamless Ltd. would result in voiding your warranty.

Re application of caulking of custom joints, and mitres, and service is a maintenance issue and not covered under warranty. 


Simply Seamless Ltd uses a level on every install to establish slope. It is possible that due to the level of your house that we may have to alter the direction of slope proposed, the number of downspouts, and location of downspouts in order to be able to properly slope the eaves-trough. Though we try and consult with you before changes, if you are unable to be reached we will make the decision required to have a properly functioning system.


Simply Seamless Ltd. shall not be liable for damage due to sliding material, snow, ice or debris that would cause damage. This includes damages caused by “snow slides” off Metal Roofs. 


Simply Seamless Ltd. shall not be liable for damage due to any causes other then material or installation defects.  

Fire, lightening, windstorm, snow (ice/snow buildup, which can damage gutter structure), wind and/or wind propelled items or other acts of God, pollution or harmful chemicals, structural defects, damages caused by other individuals, misuse or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance (regular cleaning twice annually by extraction method, caulking ect.), are not covered within the terms of this warranty.


Warranty shall be null and void if for any reason full payment within Simply Seamless Ltd. terms are not made within the payment terms and policies of Simply Seamless Ltd.

Alternate repair and/or work to Simply Seamless Ltd. product without written consent from Simply Seamless Ltd. will hereby void the terms of your 10 year warranty.

Simply Seamless reserves the right to change or alter their warranty and policies at any point. 

Please contact the manufacturer directly for any claims regarding manufacturer defects. If you need their information feel free to contact a service representative at Simply Seamless. Ltd. 


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